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Photonics BW - competence network for optical technologies

The competence network for optical technologies in Baden-Württemberg

Photonics BW e.V. was founded in July 2000 as a non-profit organisation, aiming at the promotion of optical technologies in  Baden-Württemberg. In the years 2001 to 2009, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Photonics BW evolved to be the competence network for optical technologies in Baden-Württemberg. Today, Photonics BW counts 60 members  from industry, SME, Start-Ups, Research and consulting institutions.
> Installing innovation supporting structures by systematic networking.
> Promoting the advancement of optical technologies through research, development and application, training and education, marketing and public relations.
> Promoting three-way communicationbetween industry, science and government.
> Stengthening international competitiveness.
> Sustainable strengthening of the leading photonics location, Baden-Württemberg.